Asics Gel-Hyper Tri 2 Review

The Asics Gel-Hyper Tri 2 shoes have been my go to shoes for racing for the past two seasons. They are very light and comfortable and my feet always feel at home in them.

These shoes are designed with the triathlete in mind, however, these can still be used by pure runners looking for that quick shoe. The heel and tongue loops make putting them on in transition super quick so no worrying about dropping precious seconds. They are designed to be worn without socks (even though I always wear socks in my half Ironman’s for extra comfort) and are certainly comfortable enough to do so – I race Eton Dorney Standard Distance Triathlon sockless with no issues.

The Gel-Hyper Tri 2’s weigh in at 180g, with a heel height of 15mm and forefoot height of 9mm – 1 6mm drop. They come up small like most Asics shoes so half a size up would be needed on your usual size. They are suitable for neutral and under pronation runners. The heel contains Asics gel cushioning system which absorbs the shock impact on landing. The shoe uses a magic sole to help maintain ventilation for the interior but also helps keep the overall weight down. I’ve not had any problem with traction and never felt like I was going to slip even in wet weather. These shoes do provide good durability and flexibility compared to other races – but these aren’t high mileage shoes, so look to replace more frequently than your training shoes, or save these just for races.

All in all a very good race shoe which is fast, comfortable, vented with a reliable outsole. Asics have now released the Gel-Hyper Tri 3’s and I can’t wait to give them a go.

Top Features

  • Run fast in a lightweight racing shoe built for triathlons
  • Keep your speed high with full-contact outsole and 6mm heel drop
  • Get them on fast with pull straps on the heel and tongue, plus elastic laces

Shoe weight: 180g

Drop: 6mm

Pros – Lightweight, gel cushioning in heel, quick transitions, breathable.

Cons – Not built for heavy mileage, bright colours which may put some people off, won’t supply enough cushioning for the heavier athlete. 


Michael Birchmore

Training hard is what I do

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